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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is a world-class global ERP solution designed by Microsoft for enterprise management, aimed at companies of different sizes.

Thanks to its innovative and constantly enhanced functionalities, it improves a company’s efficiency, minimises unnecessary activities of users and brings the benefit of a fast return on investment. It enables full access to data in real time, thus ensuring control of a company’s situation, its development and ability to make the right business decisions. Thanks to its popularity and presence in world markets, it is one of the most popular ERP systems in the world.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV AX

Perfect for international companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global solution used by over 117,000 companies in the world. The system has been designed to fully meet business expectations conducting multi- subsidiary activity in different locations and many countries. The solution is available in more than 42 language versions (in multiple currencies and languages) and it provides complex service support of the most important business processes in companies of different sizes and from different industries.

Flexible and adjusted to your needs

The innovative Microsoft technology enables easy and effective system development and adjustment to the company’s individual needs. The system develops along with the growth of the enterprise, enabling further expansion additional functionalities and modules for companies from a given sector. Thanks to its flexibility and openness it can be easily integrated with a Client’s external systems.
The installation can be completed in cloud or in an internal server environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in numbers

The most popular ERP solution from the Microsoft family








Years of market experience

Selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionalities

Financial management

  • Chart of accounts,
  • General ledger,
  • Receivables and payables,
  • Account sheet,
  • NBP (National Bank of Poland) exchange rates,
  • Cash flows,
  • E-banking,
  • Allocations,
  • Budgeting,
  • Full VAT service,
  • Debit amount, credit amount,
  • Accruals
  • Intercompany postings,
  • Responsibility centres,
  • Cost accounting.

Sales and purchase management

  • Order management,
  • Sales orders,
  • Stock reservation,
  • Pricelists,
  • Item substitutions,
  • Item variants,
  • Purchase orders,
  • Additional purchase costs,,
  • Order management,
  • Bulk orders,
  • Material requirements planning (MRP),
  • Additional costs,
  • Sales and purchase budgets,
  • Returns management,
  • Document validation process,
  • Direct deliveries.

Fixed assets management

  • Fixed assets,
  • Fixed assets allocations,
  • Insurance,
  • Repair of fixed assets,
  • Classification of fixed assets,
  • Increasing the value of fixed assets,
  • Depreciation plans.

Project management

  • Projects,
  • Time sheets,
  • Project planning,
  • Work in progress,
  • Task cost calculation,
  • Actual cost vs. planned cost,
  • Time and resource management & planning.

Stock and warehouse management

  • Basic warehouse tasks,
  • Stock availability,
  • Stock tracking (with serial or lot numbers),
  • Incoming stock,
  • Outgoing stock,
  • Bins,
  • Location change,
  • Multiple locations,
  • Transfer order,
  • Tracking stock in transit,
  • Inventory,
  • Warehouse management (WMS),
  • Goods receipt and stock putaway,
  • Stock picking and issue,
  • Warehouse transfer and stock adjustment,
  • Automated data capture system (ADCS),
  • Polish Classification of Goods and Services,
  • Package tax calculation,
  • Inventory documents,
  • Warehouse operations documents.

Production management

  • Warehouse and order picking,
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM),
  • Baseline production capacities and routing,
  • Stock reservation and tracking,
  • Production orders,
  • Production order planning,
  • Production order processing,
  • Quantity produced,
  • Production deficiencies,
  • Production logbook,
  • Subcontracting,
  • Integration of orders and production planning,
  • Production to order,
  • Order scheduling,
  • Production forecasting and planning,
  • Production capacity planning,
  • Manufacturing cell and workstation scheduling,
  • Capacity logs,
  • Downtime and working load,
  • Valuation of output.

CRM and marketing

  • Contact management,
  • Campaign management,
  • Contact classification,
  • Document management,
  • Email registration for MS Exchange Server,
  • Lead and prospect management,
  • Outlook integration,
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Maintenance and service management

  • Managing service orders,
  • Managing agreements and warrantees,
  • Resource and material requirements planning,
  • Repair scheduling and order planning,
  • Inventory of operations and parts,
  • Device and equipment log,
  • Price management,
  • Reports and accounts.

Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Easy to use

Intuitive user-friendly interface increasing the ergonomics of your work

Available wherever you are

Available everywhere thanks to the Web client and access on mobile devices

Adjusted to its role

User-friendly interface for defined roles that they play in the organisation

Enhanced with new functionalities

Rich functionality as standard, constantly improved with new innovative enhancements

Integrating processes

Improves communication inside the company and supports document acceptance flow

Multi-lingual and multi-currency

The system is used in 42 countries and serves multiple currencies

Compliant with fiscal requirements

Adjusted to fiscal law regulations in 42 countries, including Poland


Scalable, enabling simultaneous work for several hundred users, and easily adjustable to your company’s requirements.

Cloud or internal environment

Available to install in cloud or an internal server environment

Used internationally

Can serve any number of departments or affiliates and is adjusted to fiscal requirements in 42 countries

Supporting managers

Improving management on a strategic and operational level through extensive analysis and reporting possibilities


All the information is included in one base and integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office, Power BI, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft AZURE

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