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What is OnGuard?

OnGuard Connext  Connext is an advanced software for managing receivables, payables and complaints, focusing on customer relations and financial accounts. Its role-based structure provides each user with the necessary functionality and information required to achieve individual goals. OnGuard has been created for optimal integration of receivables management both inside and outside the company in relation to the Client. The correct action directed at the right person results in faster invoice payments and closer customer relations.

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Benefits of OnGuard:

Saving time and increasing work efficiency

By using the tool and simultaneously automating the processes, the effectiveness of the debt collection department increases substantially while managing a large number of receivables.

Reducing financial cost

Thanks to a fast and effective case management, departments’ operational costs decrease and debt collection becomes more effective and efficient. At the same time, cash flow improves noticeably.

Effective control of receivables management and debt department

ZThe used tools of control and reporting allow debt department managers to easily manage and forecast the current state of recovered receivables, enabling them to make the right business decisions.

Debt department automation

With a large number of documents, it is important for the debt-collection processes, documents and internal and external communication to be in order. The system ensures process standardisation in line with company requirements, as well as their modification along with the changing business environment.

Improved customer relations through positive communication with the client

Focusing on positive communication with the client increases the chances of a swift payment, hence minimising the cost. Better relation with the client brings tangible financial results.

International use

The system is present in 42 countries, supporting the work of 42,000 users in 850 companies. Thanks to its wide international use, it can be operated in many languages and currencies, constituting a perfect tool for international companies.

Customer segmentation for an individual and effective approach

Every client is different and requires a different approach in the debt-collection process. Thanks to OnGuard, it is possible to carry out customer segmentation and choose the right type of debt collection adjusted to them. This provides users with better results and saves precious time. Pragmatic and positive communication encourages quicker payment.

Possible integration with different external systems

Thanks to Onguard’s flexibility and modern technology, it is possible to integrate it with any external systems (e.g. ERP or CRM) and use a lot of valuable data from these systems. By connecting different pieces of information, the company can define a strategy adjusted to different customer segmentations. The Interconnection of this information with the OnGuard system will increase the efficiency of receivables management.

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