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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC)

It's planning, budgeting and consolidation system, allowing for faster, more accurate and more flexible financial management. SAP BPC increases the accuracy of planning in every level of the organization, reduces the budget preparation cycle and associated costs, accelerates and improves the financial and management reporting and this decision-making. It realizes the financial and operational planning from top to bottom and from bottom to top, and the reporting of consolidated financial statements is possible in one system interface.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

A unified solutions

One and a unified business management solution, covering business planning and performance management processes - delivers planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation functionality. By eliminating the need for multiple solutions that require manual integration, it saves time and money and delivers a more consistent user experience. The application has a single data repository that can link to SAP and nonSAP systems of record – so it’s always up-to-date, and everyone can work from the same set of trusted data. Business users can access and incorporate structured transactional data and unstructured content from sources throughout the enterprise.

Designed for users, built for business

There is a need of accurate and in-time financial and operational data for effective administration of the enterprise - planning, budgeting and forecasting, analysis and presentation of financial statements. Also, the company requires a smooth whole organization and its separate entities planning, based on the strategic plan and projections for anticipated costs scenario. In addition, the company must have complete audit documentation, carried out consolidation in accordance with set principles in the form of internal and external accountability. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation provides all business users with a uniform, familiar Web and Microsoft Excel environment, reducing the need for stand-alone spreadsheets, offering business users intuitive, flexible functionality.



Quick process of consolidation.

Access to current data

The latest data available, so the information is always relevant - consolidation can be carried out in real time, as soon as the necessary data is collected.

Unified and centralized information

Unified and centralized company’s financial information (such as profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheets).

Data comparison

Ability to compare budget and actual data.

Intercompany transactions

Automated elimination of intercompany transactions.


Conversion of amounts into different currencies.

Financial Statements and compliance with reporting standards

Preparation of financial statements in accordance with various standards (GAAP, IFRS). Ensured compliance with legal requirements and financial reporting standards, audit trail.

Simulate business scenarios

Ability to quickly simulate various business scenarios and make decisions that enables the creation of greater value.

Budget preparation

The automatic budget preparation process and in one place gathered the historical and recent data ensures the accuracy of Budget.


Time cost reduction

Time cost reduction – while preparing, executing and approving plans, budgets and forecasts, information is managed within a single system.


Flexibility - the ability to quickly simulate a variety of business scenarios and to make right decisions to create greater value.

Accurate plans

Accurate plans, aligned with strategic objectives - the budget is prepared in accordance to the changes in the company taking place from top to bottom or from bottom to top.

Fast and accurate Statements

Fast and accurate Statements - an automated consolidation process helps to ensure legal and management reporting with audit trail.

Improves decision making

Improves decision making - planning, in which the risk factors can be applied with warnings about threats, what helps to make the appropriate decisions on time.

Reduces the time of the decision making

Reduces the time of the decision making - financial and operating managers on the basis of aggregated data provided by the system, can quickly adopt the budget planning and approval decisions.

Minimizes risk of business and non-compliance

Reduces the time of the decision making - financial and operating managers on the basis of aggregated data provided by the system, can quickly adopt the budget planning and approval decisions.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity and reduced requirement of training - a convenient system interface facilitates data entering and reporting (SAP BPC interface is similar to MS Office tools).

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