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Targit Decision Suite

Targit is a Business Intelligence (BI) system and a tool to create analyses, dashboards, reports and early warning solutions downloading data from any systems or data warehouse.

The system is designed to process large amounts of data. Its goal is to provide the right people in the company with up-to-date information in a clear format in order to facilitate making right business decisions.

It also supports controlling tasks, forecasting results, as well as risk analysis and management.

Targit BI

Targit is tailored to your role and requirements







Intuitive and easy to use

The solution is intuitive and easy to use, it has a simple and intuitive interface and perfectly meets the expectations of decision-makers on different organisation levels. Thanks to this, it helps save time and costs linked to creating reports and analyses–with just a few clicks. Management can dedicate the time saved to more effective work and making right business decisions.

Targit doesn’t require IT knowledge–users can easily monitor trends and prepare multidimensional reports, analyses and early warning solutions from multiple warehouses and data bases.

Targit BI

Targit – global BI solution


Used by over 3000
companies from different industries


Used every day by over
200.000 people


Available in 16 languagesh

Targit functionalities and innovative features:

Intuitive interface

The system is intuitive: creating reports and analyses is done with just a few clicks and the data is presented in a clear graphic form or sent to other users

One click

In-built functions that allow you to access analyses, opportunities or threats with just one click

Drag and drop

Creating an analysis with the “drag and drop” method–the choice of analysis criteria with the same method in the area of pivot tables.

Cooperation with several users

Option to send an email with the analysis attached that can be later used for its further modification

Unique Meta Morphing language

Analysis creator through the ”I’d like to analyse” function–posing a series of questions regarding the information that the user would like to display on the screen.


Alert agent and notification agent. Alert agent–informing the user about specific trends. Notification agent–early warning against changes of defined parameters.

“Drill through” function

Allows users to display source data included in the analysis, e.g. specific financial documents present in the ERP system.

Automatic report generation

Possibility to generate automatic reports sent via email to specific users at defined time intervals without any additional actions

Microsoft Office integration

You can export and import selected analyses.

Targit’s compatibility with Dynamics NAV

Targit is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV. With Targit, you can easily analyse data in the area of sales, finances, supply chain, CRM and projects included in the Dynamics NAV system. Additionally, you can obtain a number of pre-configured analyses and reports, ensuring views unavailable in Dynamics NAV. You can also easily create additional reports and analyses.

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